A Guide to the 100K Factory



What is 100K Factory?


The 100K factory  is a program that is being retailed by ClickBank. It provides over the shoulder assistance that has several tools as well as software that have you on your way to earning an annual income of 100 thousand dollars which is approximately 274 dollars every day. This program further states that the end goal of the program is for you to achieve everything within the span of 60 days. If you have already tried using it in making money online, before you think that it is unrealistic, but it is also not possible within the time period.


So, what is the most important question that you would like to ask? Will you go for it? For you to be able to understand and give you answers to your questions let me break down the entire program with the 100K factory review.


The 100k factory programs first started in 2015 and they were able to make 5.5 million in sales and they paid over 2 million in commission.


Well, it was really a good year given that they were able to manage to sell a lot. Due to the popularity of the product, they resurface with the release of their newest version which is the 100k factory revolution ultra-edition last April of 2016


The first phase of the program is the Quick Cashflow Injection

This phase is simply about bringing the client up to speed on how to sell their physical products without the need to purchase huge orders of need to have a ton of product items on hand. How is this possible? Well, it involves a lot of shipping products that is directly purchased from China.


You also have to take note that you do not need money and the items will be drop-shipped directly to your customers. The products also has high conversion which is approximately 5% and they will also teach you how to handle technical issues if you are to encounter one and this often is due to delays of product arrival.


Most often, the problem is about the quality of the product that is being shipped. It is also important that you have to check the products that you are about to sell online. This is to make sure that you are only choosing the highest quality of products that will sell and you also have to order small quantity or you to check the quality.


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